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Inspired by the foremothers of the Women’s Spirituality movement,
Annalisa combines ritual, ancient theater traditions, myths and symbols
to re-claim and re-vision the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene,
Women and Women’s Bodies as natural, powerful, and life-affirming.

Journey to the Goddess


The Magdalene Project presented its first workshop performance of “Journey to the Goddess,” an experiential theatrical event inspired by Annalisa Derr’s Mary Magdalene pilgrimage to Southern France.

Utilizing ritual, sound, and movement, this ritual performance explores the transformative power of the Goddess through the pilgrim experience.

Conceived, directed, and performed by Annalisa Derr
Participating Artists: Kate Ryan, Danielle Hammer, and Sharon Barto
In partnership with Jakku House jakkuhouse.wordpress.com

For full photo gallery of event, click here

Recent Goddess Happenings, News, and Workshops:

March 2018 – Rome, Italy
Performed “She is Risen: A Revisioning of the Easter Story” in Vatican Square as part of my ritual performance art series, She Bleeds the World into Existence.

March 2018 – Santa Barbara, CA
Co-facilitated a workshop, “Rebirth of the Sacred Feminine: A Spring Ritual for Women” with classical Indian dancer, Daniela Riva. This workshop was a celebration to honor the powerful and creative Sacred Feminine force within our female bodies through sacred dance and rituals. Together, we embodied the Sacred Feminine to heal and honor our bodies as biologically and symbolically powerful, creative, and infinitely beautiful.

March 2018 – Las Vegas, NV
Received the Dissertation Pen for current PhD students at the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.

February 2018 – Ventura, CA
Performed “Ritual Puja for Menstruation” as part of my ritual performance art series, She Bleeds the World into Existence.

January 2018 – Ventura, CA
Performed “Blood of Her Holy Womb” as part of my ritual performance art series, She Bleeds the World into Existence.

October 2017 – Stonington, CT
Co-presented the workshop, “Goddesses and the Modern Woman:
Embodiment as Sacred Activism and Female Empowerment” with Goddess on Earth photographer, Lisa Levart at the Seeing Red Conference: Radical Hope.

September 2017 – Simi Valley, CA
Culminating a 6-month collaboration with Goddess on Earth photographer, Lisa Levart, Lisa photographed me as Mary Magdalene in the desert of Simi Valley. This piece was highly conceptual, and worked within the Reclaiming Tradition to revision Mary Magdalene as a powerful spiritual authority, fully embodied in her feminine biology and sexuality.