Awaken the Feminine Fire: Mary Magdalene & the Feminine Divine

The unexpected pilgrimage in the center of Rome: the Church of Mary Magdalene, on Via della Maddalena, in Piazza della Maddalena. Even though the church was closed on each of my attempts at a visit, I decided I could still treat the site as a pilgrim stop. I took a photo with the Easter egg which I have reclaimed as a symbol of the Sacred Feminine. In the Eastern Christian tradition, Magdalene is the bearer of the red egg. Whereas the original tradition teaches that the white-turned-red egg is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, I have revisioned Her egg with a feminine blood-painted downward triangle, the ancient symbol of the Goddess. Therefore, Mary Magdalene as the bearer of the egg, becomes a powerful symbol of the regeneration of the Sacred Feminine. Ave Magdalena!

Photos: 1) La Chiesa di Maria Maddalena 2) The sign of the piazza 3) the image of Mary Magdalene on a corner of the Piazza della Maddalena 4) Me in front of Her Church, with an offering of the sacred egg and rose petals, another symbol of the Goddess.

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