Professor Von Awesome’s Ghost Hunting Safari – Celeste

“Annalisa Derr gives a sensual and hilarious strip tease as a burlesque dancer possessed by an old prude.”

The HeSo Project

“Annalisa Derr plays the buxom Celeste dressed throughout in a wedding dress. She shows range as she alternates between wholesome, evil, and tarty.”

nytheater now

EMPIRE – Katherine Valentine

“Annalisa Derr plays Katherine with a bit of mischief always lurking in her eyes and is delightful to watch.”

“Annalisa Derr is always compelling to watch.”


Lucila’s Story: A Play for Gabriela Mistral – Lucila

“Annalisa Derr is particularly good at reacting to scenes they weren’t in…you could see her world when she stepped into it. I really enjoyed her character.”

The Secret Ruth’s of Island House – Ruth

“…Manage(s) consistently complex images that guide the audience…[she] is to be commended for her effortless performance, and unique personality. Derr’s Ruth is sweetly loveable.”

“Derr’s mask [her] stooped body and gnarled marble-constant face does the talking.”

SF Weekly

“The considerable physical talents of actors, Annalisa Derr…”