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What is a Goddess Ritual Workshop or Pilgrimage?

Goddess Ritual Workshops and Pilgrimages connect women with their bodies through Goddess archetypes and the reclaiming of Goddess/Matriarchal traditions and wisdoms. Inspired by what Buddhist, feminist, and religious scholar Rita M. Gross calls, a Feminist Usable Past, I have designed my Goddess Ritual Workshops and Pilgrimages to celebrate and honor women and women’s bodies as valuable, life-affirming, and natural. These workshops and pilgrimages fully integrate a¬†transdisciplinary approach, including: Matriarchal wisdoms, somatic techniques, depth psychology, ritual, archetypes, mythology, traditional acting techniques, and ancient text.

Recent Ritual Workshops:

Rebirth of the Sacred Feminine: A Spring Ritual for Women

March 2018, Santa Barbara, CA

This Spring, Daniela Riva and Annalisa Derr are pleased to invite you to join us in celebration and honor of the powerful and creative Sacred Feminine force within our female bodies through sacred dance and rituals. Together, we will embody the Sacred Feminine to heal and honor our bodies as biologically and symbolically powerful, creative, and infinitely beautiful.